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Los mares del medio

Year: 2002
Editorial: Planeta
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: The fear of loneliness, of decrepitude, of failure, of life… The fear of death: Fear. Curing them is the job of Don Fernando, a mental doctor in a time in which they still did not exist. But his eagerness to unmask death obsesses him in such a way that he ignores the dictates of his heart. An action-packed adventure that settles the scores with religions as well as all the fanaticism that swims and feeds in The Seas of Fear.

“Books like the “The Seas of Fear” are the result of a good metal alloy which is sufficient in itself to entertain for four hundred pages straight, which is a lot. (…) Gómez Rufo delivers a historical novel in the traditional style, agile and entertaining, which manages, with few characters and details, to place us in our in our Golden Age, very comfortable and with time ahead of us to read.”

Ángel Cabo. QUÉ LEER

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