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La importancia de las cosas

Rivera de la Cruz, Marta

La importancia de las cosas

Year: 2009
Editorial: Editorial Planeta
Language: Espaņol, Catalán
Published at: Oceanida Publications (Greece)
Synopsis: Mario Menkell’s peaceful existence—a shy university professor author of one successful novel—suddenly changes when he has to take custody of the personal belongings of his tenant, Fernando Montalvo, who has just committed suicide. The suffering Menkell will find out that the apartment which he owns is full of colorful objects: a cigar-band collection, a bunch of old-fashion jukeboxes, porcelains, tin soldiers… After the initial confusion, Menkell will realize that Montalvo’s things can be a generous nod from Fate, which for once seems to have taken his side. Helped by Beatriz, for years the woman he secretly loves, Mario Menkell will be capable of rebuilding the mysterious existence of Fernando Montalvo and will thus find an exceptional story which can offer him his life’s greatest opportunity.

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