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Hotel Almirante

Year: 2003
Editorial: Espasa-Calpe
Language: Espaņol, Catalán
Published at: Recorded (USA)
Synopsis: Cristina Sanjuán is a young woman from Madrid that has chosen a strange place to put an end to her life; a room in the Hotel Almirante in Ribanova. The young woman had never been in the city, no one knew her, and no one knew why she had committed suicide. However, Cristina had a reason for choosing the place and in fact her death had to take place in that manner. Hotel Almirante tells a heartbreaking love story, whilst at the same time we learn the history of the hotel, from its inauguration in the second decade of the 20th century. The hotel has always been run and organized by women, known as 'Las Leal', who have in common a talent for cooking and the inability to hold on to the men that cross their paths. The death of Cristina Sanjuán will definitely change the plans of Rosalía Leal, the last member of the family saga.The book is set in Ribanova and many stories converge in one: the story of a conquest, of a family, of an impossible love and of a destiny that awaits us in every corner.

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