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Apocalipsis Z. El principio del Fin

Loureiro, Manel

Apocalipsis Z. El principio del Fin

Year: 2009
Editorial: Plaza & Janés
Language: Español, Catalán
Published at: Argo (Czech Republic), Amazon (English worldwide), Minumsa (Korea), Premedia (Slovakia), Urco (Gallego), Heyne (Germany), Panini (France), Konyvmolykepzo Kiado (Hungary), Muza (Poland).
Synopsis: What would happen if one day you wake up to a civilization that is falling to pieces? This is the situation in which the hero of Apocalypse Z finds himself in; a young lawyer who lives a relaxed life of routine in a small provincial Spanish town, until an obscure medical incident occurs in the remote country of Caucaso. Progressively what was a merely a commentary in the international news media becomes an epidemic of devastating proportions that is threatening to annihilate humanity. As the disease approaches, devouring country after country, the chaos begins to spread through Spain. 



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