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La tejedora de sombras

Volpi, Jorge

Year: 2012
Editorial: Editorial Planeta
Collection: Autores Españoles e iberoamericanos
Literary Category: essays
Language: Español, Catalán
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 280
Published at: España
Synopsis: Planeta-Casamérica Award 2012

When they meet up in New York in 1925, Henry Murray is an ambitious Harvard doctor married to a rich heiress from Boston, and Christiana Morgan, a tempestuous art student, wife of a war veteran.

Attracted by a power beyond their control, they both travel to Switzerland to be analyzed by Jung, who submerges Christiana into a profound state of trance. The young lady's visions, dutifully drawn in her notepads, will become the point of departure in an experiment that seeks absolute love, and which will last for the next forty two years.

The shadow Weaver is the portrait of a woman that stroves to confront the male universe of her time, and the disquieting retelling of an obsession taken to extreme.  

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