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Una autobiografía soterrada

Pitol, Sergio

Una autobiografía soterrada

Year: 2011
Editorial: Anagrama
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Oscillating between essay and narrative, this book examines those memories, trips and people that make up Sergio Pitol's style: his first boat trip, the stopover in Havana which furnished him with a most amazing night; the party's sway; his interest in familiar atmospheres and stories; the writing of his novels during his long European exile; his passion for obscure areas and eccentric figures. In these five stories and conversation with Carlos Monsiváis, Pitol, Premio Juan Rulfo in Mexico and Premio Cervantes in Spain, proves he is the son of everything seen and dreamt, but also of literature itself. A Veiled Autobiography reveals the internal mechanisms of a work littered with mystery in which it is not surprising that the author turn himself into the protagonist of his own stories.

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