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Domar a la divina garza

Pitol, Sergio

Domar a la divina garza

Year: 1988
Editorial: Anagrama
Language: Espaņol, Catalán
Published at: Wagenbach Verlag (Germany)
Synopsis: If one sticks to the experience of this novel's absurd narrator, to pretend to tame a divine heron, the result is an enterprise as hard as it is inevitably destined to failure. A few episodes of the obscure struggle that involves the unforeseeable Marietta Karapetiz and the silly Dante C, dela Estrellamake up the main bulk of this unusual and delightful story. The conflict that ensues the very moment the two characters meet, even before exchanging a word, could turn into a metaphor of certain classical antagonisms, such as those that reveal themselves, for example, between retention and incontinence, solemnity and carnival, asepsis and sewerage, tackiness and mambo, or, in other words, it would reproduce the coarse cohabitation of orality with writing. The entire story is slowly steeped in a tenuous, fragrant, scatological mist, where each side of the implied term, the investigation of the sacred and the excremental redoubt, play a fundamental role. An Istanbul ghostly dreamt, but which stays commonplace, the vehemence of some mysterious feasts in a Mexican jungle's clearing, the tireless and capricious rantings of the protagonists, Gogol's agony and death, the echos of Rabelaisian tradition, popular, prudishly picaresque, the love of language, the absurdities of reason, the ambiguous splendor of all merrymaking; this and more, that the alert reader will enjoy discovering, make up this wild novel which is read, amid unexpected guffaws, in one sitting.

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