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Espiral de artillería

Padilla, Ignacio

Espiral de artillería

Year: 2003
Editorial: Espasa-Calpe
Language: Español, Catalán
Published at: Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Gallimard (France), Fanucci (Italy), Ambar-Ideias (Portugal)
Synopsis: The protagonist of this novel plagued by uncertainty is a poor devil of a doctor who as an informer to a communist country’s police has resurrected, by mistake, a legend which will end up engulfing him. The ghost of a youth murdered 30 years back in a remote submarine cemetery all of a sudden becomes the cruel champion of a freedom that no one quite understands. What does the mythic Eliah Bac really want? Who pulls his strings? Is it possible to create the perfect enemy with impunity? How far can the transforming power of a dead man reach? What is the distance that divides heroism from betrayal?

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