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Year: 2000
Editorial: Espasa-Calpe
Language: Español, Catalán
Published at: Changbi (Korea), Espasa (Spain), Gallimard (France), Gotico (Portugal), Tropen (Germany), Simon & Schuster (UK), Recorded Books (USA), Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Kedros (Greece), De Bezige Bij (The Netherlands), Fanucci (Italy), Mir Kniji (Russia), Fanucci (Italy), Santillana (world Spanish, Mexico), Muza (Poland), Tranan (Sweden), Kitapeilik (Turkey)
Synopsis: 1916: First Wolrd War.Viktor Kretzschmar and Thadeus Dreyer are betling their lives on a chess game. Place: a railroad wagon carrying troops to the front. If he wins, Thadeus Dreyer, a mobilized recruit, will change identity with that of his opponent, a railway employee, if he loses he'll put a bullet through his lead.

1943: The Second World War. The Amphitryon project is on the march. A small legion of doubles are training to substitute certain Nazi leaders in public appearances of high risk. The operation is suspended on the infiltration of a reduced group of Jews in their ranks. 1960: The Nazi, Adolf Eichmann, colonel in the III Reich is detained in Buenos Aires with a false name. Despite numerous testimonies denying it was he, Eichmann is judged and executed in Israel. Who was that man really?

With spectacular master of the language and a plot that ensnares the reader from the first line,Ignacio Padilla has constructed an intrigue, as passionate as it is diabolical: the life of a few men, who, with the identity of others, decided the lives of millions of Jews and protagonized one of the most critical moments of recent European history.

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