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El silencio de las Guacmayas

Padilla, Ignacio

El silencio de las Guacmayas

Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Rulo is always dropping everything, or everything he tries to carry is always falling out of his grasp. He doesn’t know why this always happens to him. And neither do his parents who have invented a list of punishments for all sorts of occasions to try to make Rulo more responsible for his actions. In in reaction to his parents treatment, and to justify his behavior, Rulo has invented the Ley Rompitud (The Law Breaker, of sorts).

Worried, thinking that their son is clumsy or sick; his parents take Rulo to consult various doctors. But Rulo suffers from no illness. Not knowing what to think, his parents believe he may have some dysfunction and, for this reason, they pay his teacher a visit. And, it is Professor Antonomasia who points out to them the real cause of Rulo’s problems: Rulo is left-handed.

Life changes for Rulo: punishments cease to exist and he becomes the center of attention at school. That is, until Ana Victoria Camargo shows up on the scene, a left-handed girl, who never drops things, nor does she have strange things happen to her. Rulo tries to win the attention back from his friends by explaining to them that Ana Victoria is an impostor and that she really isn’t left-handed, but no one believes him. Trying to prove his theory, Rulo and Victoria have a contest in which she wins, and Rulo is frowned upon by his classmates.

Victoria’s popularity grows so much, that she decides to create a secret society or club, known as, “All Bears are Left-Handed”, of which she is, of course, president. Now everyone must learn how to be left-handed if they want to belong to her club; where there are trials and very strict rules. But one day Victoria gets kicked out of her own club for breaking one of her rules. Rulo discovers her in the garden, crying, and tries to cheer her up.

This is when the left-handed pair decided to create the Wild Guacmayas, here only real “lefties” are allowed to join. Together, the two make-up the club’s laws and create a bill-board declaring rights for all left-handed people.

Complaints are arriving to the school, all pointing at the Bears club.

But their classmates defend themselves by accusing Rulo and Victoria and as punishment they are taken to the headmistress’s office who threatens them with expulsion. Happily in the end everything gets straightened out because one of the neighbors, who is also left-handed, resolves the situation by making the pair sign a contract where they swear not to break any more windows.

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