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Cuerpos secretos

Cueto, Alonso

Cuerpos secretos

Year: 2012
Editorial: Planeta
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Lourdes de Schon is a forty year-old woman, a textile professional, married to an important businessman with links to the government. One day she meets Renzo Lozano, a 25 year-old teacher, native ofCuzco, who lives in Los Olivos neighborhood inLima.

The profound relationship that ensues, exorcise many of the secrets of both their pasts and turns into a mutual obsession. However, all is against them: their social, racial and age difference. At the beginning of the story,Lourdeswonders how this relationship with Renzo will end up. He, on the other hand, holds no doubts: the world is not ready for them.

Based on a real story, Secret Bodies is a passionate love story, but also a minute story on social mores. Set in modern-day Lima, the array of characters that appear throughout its pages turn it into a novel of crime and adventure.

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