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La canción número 7

Blau, Lena

Year: 2013
Editorial: Temas de Hoy
Collection: Th novela
Literary Category: romantic
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9788499983356
Published at: España
Synopsis: Blanca, a young insecure and introverted girl, waits for Carlos in the train station, a promising architecture student who has plunged himself into a dangerous abyss since the death of his parents.  Grumpy and aseptic, she waits for him to arrive, convinced that the plan that her mother has devised to help this boy is bound to fail. Once more the last thing she needs is  a stranger with cold eyes breaks into her hermetic and complicated inner world.

But what Blanca can’t imagine is that nothing will be the same after this hot September day; this handsome and intriguing individual will awaken some contradictory sensation within her that she is not at all prepared for. And although in the beginning he seems to detest her, little by little both discover that their tormented universes are not so different and that their hearts are looking for a remedy within the shadows.

This novel is not only a love story full of electrifying tension that keeps you on your toes but it is also a story about the importance that possesses  the  desire to overcome, the value of friendship and the ability to forgive.

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