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El dios de Darwin

Berman, Sabina

El dios de Darwin

Year: 2014
Editorial: Destino
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9788423347575
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 480
Synopsis: Karem Nieto is different from the rest of the “talking mammals”.  She hired the only person with whom she lives and works because she shares no language with her. But at the same time that peculiar sensibility have turned her into a world-renowned marine biologist.

While she is swimming in the middle of the ocean surrounded by her beloved tunas, Karen receives a petition to assist the Interpol. A university colleague has disappeared and, apparently, she was the last person to whom he turned for help.

Karen manages to decipher her friend’s message and heads to the Darwin Archive, at the Westminster Abbey, where she discovers that a posthumous text by the author of The Origen of Species has unleashed a fascinating intrigue. In the event it were authentic, this text would reveal Darwin’s last amazing findings, once again making science and religion bedfellows.

Once again Sabina Berman rescues the protagonist of Me, who dove into the heart of the world to immerse her in an original and fascinating thriller on the struggle for Darwin’s legacy.    

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