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Enciclopedia de Idhún

Gallego, Laura

Enciclopedia de Idhún

Year: 2014
Editorial: SM
Literary Category: fantasy
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Welcome to Idhún, a place of beauty and mystery, of horrors and wonders, of magic and legend. Get ready, travelers, to meet its people, history, customs and its most remote corners.

This encyclopedia not only collects all the information in the Idhún trilogy, but also adds further information on the people and the world of Idhún. The story of Idún from the prehistoric period till the origins of the Fifth Era, the most characteristic flower and fauna of each region, the peculiarities of the races, detailed description of the landscapes and most emblematic places, brief biographies of relevant historical figures, typical Idhún festivities, basic notions of the magic at Idhún, brushstrokes of art and literature, curiosities regarding all that is pertaining to Idhún, a selection of the most relevant stories and legends of the Idhún culture… and much more.

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