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Todas las hadas del reino

Gallego, Laura

Year: 2015
Editorial: Montena
Literary Category: fantasy
Published at: Tonipress (Bulgaria)
Synopsis: Camelia is a fairy godmother who for three hundred years has been efficiently assisting young maidens and aspiring heroes to reach their own happy endings. But everything starts to go awry when she is entrusted with Simon, a young stable hand who has fallen in love with a young princess whom he didn’t even know existed. Camelia has solved harder cases; but, for some reason, with Simon things start to twist in an inexplicable manner…

All the Kingdom’s Faeries is a novel set in a world peopled with faeries, evoking the classical tales that we are all familiar with and, at the same time, setting forth a different kind of story, full of magic, adventure, intrigue and heart-felt feelings. A new fairy tale involving traditional secondary characters in these type of stories: fairy godmothers. 

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