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Ficciones criminales

Volpi, Jorge

Ficciones criminales

Year: 2014
Editorial: La Pereza
Literary Category: history, literary theory and criticism
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: These Criminal Ficciones, vignettes of the [financial] crisis (2008-2014), by Mexican writer Jorge Volpi, are in principle a setting before the mirror of the most immediate past, (a past tense which is practically still present), in as much as the world still lives under the effect that those (these) tumultuous years have polluted a reality never before so complex. Somewhat in-between essay, chronicle, reportage and divertimentos, these pages are not made-up of serious accusation for the disappointment, but rather point to a moment of lucidity, objectivity and shrewdness, by cutting through with their clearness the maze of strategies, latitudes, ideologies and intolerances of the geographies and cultures that are depicted, and which in our time seem unsurmountable.

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