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Between Clay and Dust

Ali Farooqi, Musharraf

Between Clay and Dust

Literary Category: historical fiction
Published at: India (Aleph Book Company) USA and UK (Restless Books) Canada (Freeland Books)
Synopsis: After the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan in 1947, Ustad Ramzi is still famed as a wrestler of unparalleled strength and technique. But now Ramzi’s power—if not his indomitable will—is on the wane, while his reckless brother Tamami is hungry for fame and glory.

The courtesan Gohar Jan was celebrated throughout the country for her beauty and the seductive power of her singing, her kotha was thronged by nobles, rich men, and infatuated admirers. But Gohar Jan’s world is changing, too.  

As the society they've known crumbles around them, Ustad Ramzi and Gohar Jan stand resolute against the catastrophe of history. 

Shortlisted for The Man Asian Literary Prize, Between Clay and Dust is an arresting account of love, honor, betrayal, and the ways in which we wrestle with history.

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