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Niebla al mediodía

González, Tomás

Niebla al mediodía

Year: 2015
Editorial: Alfaguara
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 9788420403236
Format: Softcover
Pages: 152
Synopsis: Julia disappeared six months ago, after dumping Raul. All that remains are her persistent memory, her phantasmagorical presence and her voice… Raul observes the landscape and feels Julia in the silences. His love for her was great and oppressive, and her desertion almost drives him insane. Raquel lives in New York and teaches literature. She hates Julia, but her ghost chases her at night like a funereal premonition… Aleja is Julia’s friend and tells the other side of the story.

“Midday Mist” is built around an enigma that is practically revealed from the very start: Julia’s despair. However, like in all great literary works, the mystery is elsewhere: fastened to the strength of voices, to the disquieting beauty of the sceneries, to the solitary conversation of its four protagonists. 

With the powerful precision of his style, Tomás González, is once again able to turn a simple story of unrequited love into a powerful exploration of the human soul.

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