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Els aliats de la nit

Caminals, Roser

Els aliats de la nit

Year: 2015
Editorial: Edicions 62
Literary Category: historical fiction
Language: Catalā
ISBN: 9788429774665
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 347
Synopsis: Barcelona, 1941: Fede starts commerical work in a German pharmaceutical company, a job which takes him around all of Catalonia and especially to Andorra, a neutral-front hideaway where in those tumultuous years you would encounter German spies, English, smugglers, people passing through, old republicans, and central European refugees pursued by Nazism. Reluctantly, Fede finds himself involved in a plot to save a handful of the innocent. But he himself is only a step in the dense network that extends throughout Europe.

Set in the war context of the Second World War, The Allies of the Night portrays the struggles of espionage in the heart of Andorra and recreates the experiences of some characters, not always heroes or anonymous, that lived in shocking ways in a time marked by forgotten resistance and physical survival.

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