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Year: 2015
Editorial: Ediciones B, S.A.
Literary Category: police, black and suspense
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9788466657990
Format: Hardcover
Synopsis: Simon Sax could be a fortunate fellow. He is young, smart and is about to become a multi-millionaire if he is able to sell his wonderful invention—an amazing algorithm—to a multinational. However, he felt all alone. His success contrasts with his lack of social skills.Till one day he decides to check out a website for personal contacts where, and with the inexperience and passion of an adolescent, he falls madly in love with Irina, in spite of the thousands of kilometers that separate them. But she, marked by an enigmatic scar on her cheek, carries a dark secret.

A novel  that will make you look at the person you sleep with in a new way.

An absolutely addictive story, written by the most-read Spanish thriller author in the world.

“Juan Gomez-Jurado inevitably captures the reader.” Booklist

“He has a formula for success, he has managed to connect with the public and critics.” Jot Down

“It marks a new standard of gold for thrillers.” USA Today

“Juan Gomez-Jurado demonstrates that the Spanish suspense novels line the level of the best English pubilcations.” El Cultural de El Mundo

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