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Mujeres que compran flores

Montfort, Vanessa

Mujeres que compran flores

Year: 2016
Editorial: Plaza & Janés
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9788401018114
Pages: 448
Published at: Feltrinelli (Italy), Thiele (Germany), Bookrecipe (Korea), Gyldendal (Norway), Michel Lafon (France), Iztok Zapad (Bulgaria), Fraktura (Croatia), Porto Editora (Portugal)
Synopsis: In a small, centric neighborhood of the city, there are five woman who buy flowers. At first, none does it for herself: one buys them for her secret love, the other for her office, a third to paint them, and yet another for her clients, and the last…. for a dead person. The last is me and this is my story.

After the loss of her partner, Marina realizes that she is totally lost: she had been in the driver’s seat for way too long. Trying to begin from scratch, she accepts a temporary position in a curious flower shop by the name of “The Angel’s Garden”. There, she will meet other women very different from each other, but who, like herself, are at a vital crossroads in terms of work, lovers, their longings or families. Of the relationship among themselves and Olivia, the eccentric and wise owner of the place, a deep friendship ensues, which will mark the new course their lives will take. 

The woman who buy flowers are: 


Suffers from the driver’s seat syndrome: she has always depended on her partner to set the course of her life. Her flower is the violet, which symbolizes humility and shyness, but also the trust in herself that must be overcome.


Suffers from the superwoman syndrome: before depending on anyone she will administer active euthanasia to herself. She puts her professional success before her personal life, in the event she may even have one. Her flower is the blue orchid, a symbol of the peace she lacks. 


Represents the symbol of Galatea: she firmly believes that woman nowadays have all the rights. All, except that of growing old. Her flower is the white iris, symbol of a flirtatiousness that doesn’t fade till death. 


She embodies the syndrome of suffering beauty: she mistakes love with obsession. In other words, the greater the pain, more in love she feels. Her flower is the calendula, the flower of sadness. But it is also the symbol of cruelty that is unable to give back, not even in small dosages, to defend herself. 


One of those women who’ve decided to take on everything—the best of mothers, the hardest working, best daughter; or to put it differently, one of those who suffer from a syndrome of omnipotence. Her flower is that the Quince, the flower of temptation. The temptation to break free from it all and be liberated.  

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