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Puente Adentro

Puente Adentro

Year: 2016
Editorial: F&G Editores
Language: Espaņol, Catalán
Pages: 320
Synopsis: Indoor Bridge, Arnoldo Gálvez’ second novel, won the III Premio de Novela BAM Letras. Narrated in thriller-like manner, with a structure that combines two tempos and two narrative voices that intertwine and confront each other, “Indoor Bridge” is the story of a father and his son separated by a crime and twenty years of silence, and is, besides, the story of a woman whose body will be the bridge that will again bring them together.

It’s a novel on memory and the desire to recover the past and, at the same time, a wild chronicle, a disquieting tour throughout a country that is unable to heal the wounds left behind by four decades of violence.

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