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Piel de topo

Year: 2017
Editorial: Erein
ISBN: 9788491092025
Pages: 228
Synopsis: The Little Africa of San Francisco becomes the setting for the adventures of our psychic detective. Upon returning to Bilbao, Touré will recover his previous relationships (Sa Kené, Osmán, Aliou, Xihab) with the goal of recovering his badly damaged existence. A harsh reality, the one of being without papers in the paradise of dreams, requires a clandestine life in a miserable and suffocating setting controlled by the authorities. There is no possibility of escape, from the xenophobia and the lack of human necessities; to ensure sustenance he joins the coercion, the demand to collaborate with the enemy, the police, denouncing those close to him, those who find themselves in the same situation. Touré and his teammates will fight any way to free themselves from the web of blackmail and extortion in which they are trapped. The detailed description of the hidden world of immigration, of the monotone day to day of those who “do not exist”, of their reality, is what Arretxe carries on with dynamic and brutal language.     

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