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Todas las familias felices

De Vega, Mercedes

Todas las familias felices

Year: 2018
Editorial: Plaza & Janés
Language: Español, Catalán
Pages: 423
Synopsis: Teresa Anglada watches as her life as a successful jour-nalist falls apart when her daughter Jimena disappears in the Reina Sofia Museum, without leaving a trace. Over-come by panic, it takes Teresa time to realize one detail: her daughter has disappeared on a 21st of December, the same day her father did in 1970. What she still is una-ware of is that one of her ancestors died in that same place sixty-seven years earlier, when the museum was Madrid’s Provincial Hospital, although the body was nev-er found.

To find little Jimena, Teresa will give up her job and start an investigation that will force her to delve into in her family’s past. This journey will bring her face to face with her own demons, to the loss of her father, and to discov-er who in truth are the Angladas, till it reaches a climax from which no one will come out unscathed. She will reconcile with her mother, Rosa de la Cuesta, who lives as a recluse in her old home of Ciudad Lineal since the disappearance of her husband. Rosa suffers from agora-phobia and harbors a hope that will never materialize.

During the course of the novel Teresa will find out the conspiracy concocted by the Arzúa-Oriol family, to not discover who she is. This family is linked to her and to her father by bonds she is unaware of but that in the end she will discover.

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