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Sort que et tinc a tu

Figuerola, Dani

Year: 2018
Editorial: Columna
Language: Catalā
ISBN: 9788466423984
Pages: 448
Synopsis: Pedro and Eduardo met in medical school in Barcelona during the last years of Francoism. Although they couldn’t be more different from one another, their friendship never ceased to grow as they shared thousands of hours of study, long conversations, political hiding and a run or two by the cops. Later on, the friendship would withstand the onslaught of politics, of couples, of their different way of practicing medicine, of their culinary abilities and, even, of the arguments as to how whiskey must be drunk, with or without ice.

At the height of their lives, this quarry-like friendship would run into a dangerous hurdle by the name of Thais, a red-headed, green-eyed seductress with provocative hips. Will they be able to overcome it? Perhaps—only perhaps. Behind the covers of the book lies the answer.

“Lucky that I have You” is the story of a profound friendship and a loving passion, in the unrivalled setting of the Alt Empordà, that takes one to the most profound nooks and corners of humankind’s contradictions. 

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