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Un libro de familia

Pajares, Santiago

Year: 2018
Editorial: EDICIONES B
Collection: Grandes Novelas
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9788466664110
Pages: 475
Synopsis: A novel full of memorable scenes and wonderful characters, written with great sensibility. An extraordinary story that oozes with the love for books in each of its pages. One of the most captivating voices in present-day literature, translated into a dozen languages and praised by the international critique, Santiago Pajares returns to bookstores with this novel that deals with, among much else, the power of writing as a means to change our lives.  

Orencio is a thirty-some who, on the day of his grandfather’s funeral, discovers a strange family tradition: for generations, the family’s first born have to write their own version of a novel entitled “Through the Wall”. Disconcerted and lacking self-confidence, he tries to elude the challenge by all possible means, all while trying to put order into his life, although deep down he knows that he has no other choice but to face the blank page.


What the press has said about “Ionah’s Rain”:

“With a polished prose, Santiago Pajares draws a story of life’s learning.” Le Monde

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