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Beatriz decidió no casarse

Camejo, María Paulina

Year: 2017
Editorial: Harper Collins Español
Literary Category: romantic
Language: Español, Catalán
Pages: 208
Synopsis: A young vision about life and the decisions that can completely change our fate. Across these pages, the reader will follow the steps in the private life of this middle-aged woman who decides to remain single and accompany her until the apex of her career, which does not necessarily mean the apex of her life.

Beatriz dedicated her entire life to fulfilling her only dream, which was to be a successful and famous writer. At forty-five, her long work hours are rewarded with the Cervantes Prize for Literature, a prize she earned after a life full of nights spent in solitude with wine and music as her only company. Twenty-three years have elapsed since she broke up with her boyfriend, Santos, with whom she had had a beautiful relationship. On the plane that takes her to Madrid to receive her award, Beatriz bumps into Santos and together they recall moments that neither of them has forgotten. Knowing how deserving she is of the prestigious Cervantes Prize, Santos asks Beatriz "was it worth it?"

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