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Los complicados amores de las hermanas Valverde

Camejo, María Paulina

Year: 2017
Editorial: Harper Collins Español
Literary Category: romantic
Language: Español, Catalán
Pages: 336
Synopsis: Three funny and complicated stories that take place in Venezuela during 2012.

This is the first novel that reveals what happens inside the cells of SEBIN (Venezuelan jail for political prisoners). The reader will be entertained with the stories of the sisters all while finding out the truth of what it means to be a political prisoner.

Julia, the eldest of the Valverde sisters, is a young woman of twenty-two, straight, cautious and religious. At a party that she does not want to attend, she meets Octavio, a pleasant kid whose company she enjoys. Julia's doubts arise when Octavio reveals that he is an atheist, because falling in love with an atheist was never something she had envisioned.

The second sister, Cristina, twenty years old, visits a jail for political prisoners for a university project. In prison, Cristina meets Salvador. Both have very strong personalities and fall in love against all odds, and with the added obstacle that Salvador is locked up and with no hope of being released. The third sister, Luna, a beaming seventeen-year-old with a big heart, needs a math tutor. Her mother engages Bóreas, the neighbor, whom Luna had never bothered to consider as a tutor.

What begin as boring math lessons, evolves into a story that is as romantic as it is unexpected for both.

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