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Arturo Leal y el perro fantasma

Campoy, Ana

Year: 2019
Editorial: SM
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9788491825586
Format: Paperback
Pages: 164

Arturo's aunt asks him to help her in her dog grooming salon. On the first day of work, the kid causes a small flood, and to escape from his aunt's scolding, he goes to the neighborhood park. It is there that he meets Paloma, a Chinese girl, who shows up with her cat that she happened to bring along so that Arturo's dad examines it at his veterinary clinic. Chatting away, the children discover that they go to the same school. One night, Arturo is visited by a ghost dog. He doesn't like animals, and he doesn't understand why a dog's ghost has chosen him to help him. The two children will try to find out what is happening and will live an exciting adventure.


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