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Year: 2019
Editorial: Literatura Random House
Literary Category: historical fiction
ISBN: 9788439736295
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 448
Synopsis: Who was Micaela Villegas? The actress who shined at the Colosseum of Comedies? The lover who was involved with Viceroy Amat in one of the most controversial love stories of eighteenth-century Peru? The mestizo beauty that shook the foundations of the Lima society of its time, unleashing hatred, flattery and envy? The pious woman who knelt before a priest to confess her sins? The unruly, accused of being immoral? The mother who raised her son with proud love? Or the controversial woman who knew how to exchange an insult in the name with which he became famous: La Perricholi? These and other questions find their way into the plot of this novel that recreates the rebellious life of Micaela Villegas, set in-between the last years of the Peruvian Vice-royalty and the dawn of Independence.

Narrated with short, plastic and enveloping sentences that stamp the prose with quickness and vigor, this enthralling novel by Alonso Cueto makes use of historical research and the mechanisms of fiction to explore, without obscuring its mystery, the untamed heart of Micaela Villegas: la Perricholi. Queen of Lima.

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