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¡Alerta! Un monstruo en la familia

Valenzuela, José Ignacio

Year: 2020
Editorial: Planeta México
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 96

Mauricio is your typical older brother: he thinks he de-serves everything and that Max, his younger brother, is little more than a servant; and if he doesn’t like it, he best face the consequences.One night their parents went out to celebrate and they were left alone. Things didn’t look too bad. It was a matter of Max giving Mauricio a huge serving of choco-late ice cream. This could distract the latter long enough for the former to hide in his room. The problem is that there was no ice cream in the house, so Max went to get it to the neighbor’s, a thin, pale man who doesn’t seem trustworthy. What he found in the neighbor’s house was a book of spells. Max knew what had to be done. Or maybe not...

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