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Year: 2020
Editorial: Páginas de Espuma
Literary Category: tales
ISBN: 978-84-8393-277-3
Pages: 136

A house by the sea is for sale. Potential buyers visit it; some praise it, whilst others reject it. However, we are not listening to them, or to the real estate agent, for that matter.Who feels, is moved, reflects, and confesses before us, is the house itself, which from its walls, its floor and its ceiling, the skin and heartbeat of everything that occurs is transmitted.With an ironic and acid prose, that simultaneously caresses and corrodes, Mercedes Abad has skillfully established the animism of a space as complex as a future home; a witness to everything we do or cease to do. The voice of one of our great writers is, on this occasion, illustrated by the splendid works of Álvaro Ardévol, author of a digital project that will leave no one indifferent.Mercedes

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