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El fin del Océano Pacífico

González, Tomás

Year: 2020
Editorial: Seix Barral
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 9789584290519
Pages: 264

Whoever plumbs these pages will readily understand that the literature of Tomás González has the mimetic power of great literature: that which reminds us, through its characters and language, that life and death are con-substantial: just as there could be no ocean without a coast, likewise, there can be no beginning if there is no end.

 Ignacio, the narrator of this beautiful novel by Tomás González, goes to the Pacific coast to find the primordial meaning of life. He is accompanied by his mother, Isabel, his aunt Antonia, his wife Ester, his brothers Antonio, Adriana, Gloria Isabel and Rafael Alberto, and a nurse, as well as his nephews. Some are ghostly presences in the memory, others are there to discover what is the deep meaning for this get together in this mysterious place where the sea, the beach, the sky and the rain merge with the jungle.

The End of the Pacific Ocean is a tumultuous family novel, in which the fibers of the great writer’s entire work, who is its author, can be felt: from the reverie of the Mangrove poems, to the novels that have endeared hims to his readers, such as In the Beginning was the SeaStorm or The Difficult Light.

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