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Julia está bien

Montes, Barbara

Year: 2021
Editorial: EDICIONES B
ISBN: 9788466668934
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 400

Two women willing to remember and listen.

Two stories that may have always been one and the same. To start over, you must learn to look back.

This is a novel that dwells upon generational failures, courage that is hard to come by nowadays and true love. A story about two women who, at the most unexpected moment, will share their past and present, each seeing the other as her last resort.

Sofia is a thirty-year-old who is not going through a hard period. Recently divorced and unemployed, she decides to move into her grandmother's house, Julia, to take care of the latter and, at the same time, save on a rent she can no longer afford. What at first is a desperate solution soon turns into a special relationship of cohabitation between an increasingly ill old woman, who wants to narrate her life before time runs out, and a granddaughter who, page after page, will realize how she needs to hear that story.

 The extraordinary experiences of the grandmother during the Civil War, when she risked her life as part of a resistance group, while the man she loved was imprisoned, come together in this novel along with the musing—full of tenderness and sadness, but also of humor—of the routine of these two women who share a series of days that they know will be their last.

 Based on the story of her own family, the author weaves a novel that jumps back and forth between the present and the past, to tell us two stories that may have always been one and the same.

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