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El tejido de los días

Aurensanz, Carlos

Year: 2021
Editorial: Ediciones B
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 9788466668958
Pages: 656

Zaragoza, 1950. Young Julia lands in the city alone and pregnant, the result of a forbidden relationship with a man who has just passed away. Although she knows the difficulties that it entails being a woman in her condition, the desire to carve out a decent future for her son will lead her to set up an haute couture salon, with the help of Rosita, a young dressmaker.

Drawn by her talent, it won’t be long before the women of Zaragoza’s wealthiest families begin to frequent the workshop to admire the modern fabrics and the period’s most glamorous dresses. This is how Julia will get to know the Monforte family and the lives and longings of those who work for them: the doorman, the maids, the driver, the governess and the cook who, at the time, will become her family.

As Julia tries to conceal the past of the man she loved and build a future for her son, an unspeakable secret that had been hidden for generations in the Monforte mansion will come to light and forever change the lives of its inhabitants.

Carlos Aurensanz establishes himself as one of Spain's most talented storytellers through this novel in which, much in the same way that threads intertwine in the warp of fabrics, the daily life of the characters intertwines to draw the tapestry of a great story.

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