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Pepa Guindilla

Campoy, Ana

Year: 2021
Editorial: Nórdica
Literary Category: children & ya
ISBN: 9788418451560
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 210

Pepa Guindilla has two parents, a mother, two houses and an unbearable neighbor.

She divides her life between her two homes, and life is she has no complaints.

Her only problem is Hateful Snitch, the downstairs neighbor, her irreconcilable arch enemy. Pepa does not intend to revolutionize the peaceful life of those around her. She only follows her personal logic step by step, but each step leads to some funny mischief, whose consequences she will have to deal with.

With an optimism that brings about laughter, Pepa Guindilla’s adventures follow the tradition of the stories of Little Nicolás or Christine Nöstlinger. A succession of hilarious adventures that also invite reflection thanks to a mixture of tenderness, surprise and chutzpah.

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