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Infierno en el Paraíso

Sánchez, Clara

Year: 2021
Editorial: Planeta
ISBN: 9788408242260
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 336
Synopsis: In this new novel, Clara Sánchez creates an exciting plot about the disappearance of a Saudi princess locked in her golden cage. The luxurious atmosphere of the Costa del Sol and its darker reality stand out in this addictive intrigue with great female characters.

Fate can bring about unexpected places and incredible experiences. Even open the doors to a world of great masked luxuries. Sonia Torres, who makes a living as a waitress in a Madrid burger, will for a time replace her friend Karen, who works in a hotel in Marbella. The young woman will spend the summer working as a waitress at the Beach Club, one of the best-known and most elite establishments in the Andalusian city, with a large presence of sheikhs and personalities from the Middle East. Marbella awaits the visit of King Fadel of Saudi Arabia and the more than a thousand people which make up his entourage, including his wives Sultana and Amina.

The arrival of the monarch represents a shower of millions for the city and the Beach Club is fortunate to be the hotel that will host many of the evenings bankrolled by the royalty.

The waitress will be involved in a strange and harrowing plot that will lead to the disappearance of the princess. Sonia will discover the harsh reality that hides behind so much opulence and beauty.

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