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Year: 2021
Editorial: Destino
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 978-84-233-6040-6
Pages: 240

A tender and humorous novel about the secrets that mark the lives of three generations of a family in rural Galicia.

Julia is a journalist and has just divorced, so that she decides to leave Madrid and return to her village, in Galicia, with her son Sebas, so as get a change of scene and care of her mother. Sebas is ten years old and is convinced that his grandmother Luz is Thor. The woman always has her hammer by her side, even sleeps with it under her pillow and sometimes hugs it, as if it were her son. Sebas adores his grandmother. Although she hides shortbread cookies in her stockings, drinks Samson till she sees double and constantly tells lies. She is a goddess, and has turned her garden into a temple. But Julia does not think the same. For her, returning to the family home is to face a past full of secrets and the disappearance of her father, who more than thirty years earlier left without saying goodbye.The heroin trade in Galicia in the nineties, the world of care and the search for the truth permeate this novel, full of humor and with unforgettable characters.

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