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Year: 2021
Editorial: Literatura Random House
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 9786124271571
Pages: 126

Having turned sixty, the public life of Albino Reyes is divided between his literature classes in a high school and his routine as a singer in an unassuming Creole music joint. The monotonous passing of his days is the result of a bureaucratic loneliness where hovers the loving memory of his dead wife, the few talks with family and friends, and his meditations on the art that constitutes it: the Peruvian waltz.However, the slow decline of his existence is disrupted the night in which young Andrea Wunder hears him sing on the stage. From that moment on, Albino will let himself be guided by that unexpected beat that bursts into the soundtrack of his soul, endowing it with renewed vigor and a cautious thrill.Through a prose that flows like a limpid and captivating current, Other Caresses by Alonso Cueto, is a novel that delicately explores the intimate layers of mature love, all whilst paying tribute to “that palace of elegant sadness, of simple nobility, which is the waltz.”

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