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Los primeros días: Un reportero atrapado en Wuhan

Santirso, Jaime

Year: 2022
Editorial: Altamarea
ISBN: 9788418481390
Pages: 186

At the end of January 2020, Jaime Santirso, then a correspondent for El País newspaper in China, flew to Wuhan to report on the epidemic of the new coronavirus from the source of the outbreak.

A few hours upon his arrival, the government of Xi Jinping ordered the city to be completely lockdown. Suddenly trapped by the severe restrictions and stalked by the invisible threat of the disease, the reporter set out to walk the deserted streets of the city in search of the answers that everyone longed for but that neither the official channels nor the media were able to provide.

From that total and abrupt immersion at the epicenter of the pandemic, and from a professional and human effort to know, interpret and inform, these articles of invaluable worth were born, which would in turn serve as the seed for this book.

The reader can find in these pages the personal and journalistic account of one of the few stringers who had the privilege and courage to report, from the very first days, one of the events destined to mark the twenty-first century.

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