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Lo que esconde un penique

Jeunet, María

Year: 2021
Editorial: Mil Amores
Literary Category: romantic
ISBN: 9788418962110

Can love be above time and space? Can dreams come true if one wishes them wholeheartedly? 

San Francisco Bay, 2010.

Sarah Fresno is a librarian. Her best friend is her grandmother. She lives alone and has learned that she only needs a good book and a cup of tea to be happy. Or so she thinks, because behind the shell she's built up over the years to keep her heart sealed off from the world, there's a bomb waiting to go off. Everything will change when the wonderful story of the Jenkins brothers inevitably sneaks into her life.

Oak Mansion, San Francisco, 1906.

Isabell and Lucas Jenkins wish to escape from their lives for as long as they can remember. All the pleasures that their social position offers them are not enough to feed their restless souls and curious minds. They refuse to be mere spectators of their lives. After the umpteenth argument with their father, a tough businessman, they will flee far from home in search of the future they always dreamed of.

What if you could choose a different life? A remote place to that home that you have never felt as your own? An exciting path, but tremendously far from everything you know?

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