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Canción de antiguos amantes

Restrepo, Laura

Canción de antiguos amantes

Year: 2022
Editorial: Alfaguara
ISBN: 9788420432397
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 400
Published at: Alfaguara (Spain & Latin America)


A double love story in a world on the verge of collapse, by the winner of the Alfaguara Awards, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and Grinzane Cavour.

"Every myth that is born is reborn. Every myth that incarnates reincarnates."

Obsessed with the Queen of Sheba, Bos Mutas, a young contemporary writer, sets out on a journey around the world to find her, just as historical figures of the likes of Solomon, Thomas Aquinas and Gérard de Nerval had done over the centuries. And although the Queen of Sheba is elusive, Bos Mutas finds in her place the very earthy Zahra Bayda, a Somali midwife. Thus, the real time of the present runs parallel to the immemorial time of the myth.

A work of fiction based on the author's travels through the lands of Yemen, Ethiopia and the Somali border—the magical and fierce geography of what was once the kingdom of Saba—, with Doctors Without Borders. This novel is a beautiful kaleidoscope, a gateway to fascinating worlds, a daring amalgamation of genres, eras, secular and biblical rhythms, cruelty and solidarity, love and war, pain and healing.

Laura Restrepo accompanies, with this moving story, the eternal journey of migrant women, who despite tripping and stumbling, get up, keep going, learn to look further and further ahead and cross the borders of time and space. Song of Ancient Lovers sketches a seductive proposal: what if the great anthem of the end of time is not the Apocalypse? What if it was the Song of Songs instead?


The critics have said:

"When the level of writing reaches as far as Laura Restrepo took it, you must doff your hat." Joseph Saramago

"Her fascination with popular culture and her impeccable humor [...] spare her novels any temptation toward pathos or melodrama and instill unmistakable reading pleasures." Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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