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El demonio de Arbennios

Torelló, Bernard

Year: 2021
Editorial: Minotauro
Literary Category: fantasy
ISBN: 978-84-450-0967-3
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 304

The Demon of Arbennios is the best kind of fantasy epic, with a breakneck rhythm.

Kai is a former elite soldier living in Arbennios, capital of the kingdom of Lénoda, whose monotonous life rests on three pillars: working in the guard of the noble Nárenwal, the company of his loyal group of friends, and furtive visits from his secret lover.

Unfortunately, one hot summer day, an unexpected attack will turn his life upside down. Condemned by the same society he has defended for years, Kai will be dragged off by a whirlwind of emotions and violence that will take him down the dark path to vengeance.

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