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Year: 2022
Editorial: AdN
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 978-84-1362-950-6
Pages: 216

The accurate and poetic prose of Paula Farias once again strips away a world of appearances.

In the Mediterranean, in the days prior to the Arab Spring, three sea wolves from very different origins strive to maintain a farce. It will be the starting point of a plot that, with the sea as the common thread, is presented to us as a modern-day Odyssey, plagued by cotemporary pirates, rescues and intrepid she captains, whales, clandestine wrecking yards and map readers who, in a kind of game of sleight of hand, reveal the cracks in a system that, under its appearance of order, allows reality and life to slip through its cracks.

Drift Skin is a furiously personal novel, a story that speaks of resistance, where silences add up as much as the written words, and where the reader, as in the best works of Joseph Conrad, can end up feeling rocked by the sea as well as an accomplice, and with the certainty that if he or she continues sailing, an unknown port will come into view, one which well be worth the journey.

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