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Year: 2022
Editorial: RBA
Collection: Serie Negra
Literary Category: police, black and suspense
ISBN: 9788411320641
Pages: 336

"My name is Tomás Salcedo and I've just murdered my sister."

The Salcedo family is about to meet in the old summer house, very close to Llanes, to celebrate the mother's birthday. What was meant to be an memo-rable encounter turns into a tragedy, because the Thoma's car, the eldest son, parked on the hill that surrounds the house, rolls down the slope. He’d forgotten to put the hand brake on and his sister Mariana, who was sitting on a bench in the garden, was run over and killed.

Meanwhile, the two other siblings, Angela, a successful cellist, and the good for nothing Leo, travel to Llanes unaware of the misfortune. Now, the Salcedo brothers face a criminal investigation, an impending public scandal and the need to face a turbulent family past marked by lies, guilt and silence.

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