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Qué hacemos con Lolita?

Freixas, Laura

Year: 2022
Editorial: Huso
ISBN: 9788412435634
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 235

When Laura Freixas first landed in Madrid, in 1991, determined to be a writer, she came across the announcement of an interna-tional conference on the European. And going over the list of participants, she discovered something unusual: "The twenty novel-ists who participated in it belonged to different countries, different languages, different generations, different literary tenden-cies, but of a single sex. Which was not mine", she writes in the introduction to this book; and continues: "I started looking around, wondering if it was a coincidence, an isolated case. And for the first time I counted. [...] I couldn't believe it: everywhere I got the same amount, 80 or 90% men." The questions began to multiply: why was there no equality? Was it a mere matter of time, as everyone seemed to believe? Looking for answers, she started to read literary criticism with different eyes.Thus, was born What do we do with Lolita? From the observation, the questioning and the consultation of bibliography, reflec-tions arose on how the dominant culture excludes women, naturalizes their subordination and makes feminine experiences in-visible, and the response that women writers can give, and do give, to this state of affairs.

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