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La Nación de las Bestias: Leyenda de Fuego y Plomo

Palova, Mariana

La Nación de las Bestias: Leyenda de Fuego y Plomo

Year: 2021
Editorial: Océano Travesía
Literary Category: fantasy
ISBN: 9788412294019
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 600
Synopsis: Forced to be separated from his family, Elisse leaves the ghostly city of New Orleans to hurl herself into a savage struggle that takes her across the United States, with the sole purpose of protecting those she loves from the haunting mysteries that shroud their existence.

But the young shadow-gaze man does not travel alone; The monster within him roars with force, and as he ventures into the untamed desert of southern Utah, he will encounter not only a tribe of wanderers desperate for his help, but also with a magic as brutal as it is ancient. And while at it, he will learn that the most dangerous beings do not always come loaded with magic. The Wanderers return in a new installment full of power, unimaginable terrors and ancient mysticism where, in the midst of the furious mountains of the west, the bonds of loyalty will be tested and the bravest will be the sole survivor.

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