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La mirada de la tortuga

Arretxe, Jon

Year: 2022
Editorial: Erein
Literary Category: police, black and suspense
ISBN: 978-84-9109-807-2
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208


It could be San Francisco Street, in the city of Bilbao, but instead it is the neighborhood of Lavapiés, in Madrid. There, in a courtyard, lives our detective Touré, after fleeing from a small town in the Navarre Pyrenees and wandering around Paris for a while. In the Retiro Park, thinking that it is a safe place, he hides lots of jewels stolen in the French capital, but they've disappeared. Instead, now, in their hiding place, someone has left a small turtle with a mysterious inscription on it. That is the only clue that Touré will have to solve the mystery. Our detective will not be alone in this investigation: Sa Kené, his friend and lover from San Francisco Street, will be his companion in this investigation, littered with obstacles and dangers. With his usual agile and dynamic writing, in this eighth installment, Arretxe once again recoups the humor of the saga’s initial installments. On the other hand, and beyond the police story, the author is keen to denounce the dramatic situation in which the socially marginalized live.

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