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Year: 2023
Editorial: Ediciones B
ISBN: 9788466673280
Pages: 320

An intimate novel that pays tribute to theater and love, as well as raising a toast to the unexpected opportunities that life gives us. 

Hugo Montalbán, famous theater director, begins the year rehearsing the play he has been working on for some time and with which he hopes to end his career: Mrs. Làmbert's Return. It is a performance set in the Paris of 1945, when a family presumed dead reappears after the shameful night in which French Jews were rounded up with the connivance of General Petain and taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Among the members of the company is Silvia Carvajal, an actress with whom Hugo maintains a close friendship full of complicity and who, due to the affection that unites them, has become a constant presence in her life.

Everything happens with the inherent difficulties typical of any stage production, till an unforeseen event forces a temporary halt to the rehearsals, something that will change the lives of all the characters involved forever.

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