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Year: 2022
Editorial: Minotauro
Literary Category: terror
ISBN: 9788445012376
Format: Softcover
Pages: 416
Synopsis: The most terrible beings do not knock on the door; they do not ask permission to enter.” When a Seattle librarian opens the mysterious box that appears on the landing of his apartment, he is coerced by an untamed and evil being to perform the Cursed Song, a melody that only lives in his head. Robert Svenson, a frustrated pianist who lives alone in a tiny apartment in the suburbs of Seattle, which he who only leaves to go to work, in the city’s Central Library, is dragged into a spiral of tragic and terrifying incidents that end up locking him up against his will in a psychiatric hospital. When he is discharged, his sister Amanda picks him up at the hospital's entrance and takes him to recover in their childhood home, a large house on the edge of a beautiful lake and an untamed forest, located in the heart of Olympic National Park. This is where past and present come together and the pieces of the terrible puzzle that haunts Robert, begin to fall into place, all whilst Wody harasses him and urges him to return to playing the piano. The story begins in a present, perhaps nostalgic and familiar, in which Amanda will make an effort to understand who her brother is now and how he ended up in the psychiatric hospital. According to Robert, the appearance of a mysterious box without a name or wrapping on the landing of his apartment is the terror’s trigger, a terror that tells a story that goes back to a place and a past much further back than the Svensons will ever be able to imagine.

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